Architect KING is specialized in all types of renovations in the Amsterdam region, in which customer-oriented service throughout the renovation is central. I can guide you through the entire process; design, building permits, interior design and technicaly sustainable solutions. With many years of experience, a large network and no overhead costs, your project is in safe hands.


Verbouwen met Architect

Extensions with an ArchitectEvery square meter is valuable.

Even with a small budget you can easily enlarge your house. It may be the best solution if you want to live in the same neighborhood, and is cheaper than buying a new property. King Architects has a lot of experience with extensions and we differ from others by providing a service tailored to your needs.


Total packageAnd a lot more!

King Architects can lead you through the whole building process. Next to the design I offer a total solution to make your complex renovation a success from building permits, subsidies, drawings, comparing tenders to building management.

Why choose Us?

Renovations in the city.For KING a specialty.

Room to build in Holland is limited. The housing variation and housing market are in grid lock. All kinds of buildings can be transformed - old houses, empty office blocks, old schools, disused farms, factories and warehouses provide many chances to make interesting apartments.


Roland has guided us expertly in finalizing our renovation plans. Roland is uniquely able to convert a vague sketch through to concrete plans and into a final work description. Due to the quality of the work description, the contractor was able to make a very precise and realistic estimate of the work and the costs and the entire renovation was completed within time and budget.

Aart Schouten Lead PMO Consultant


Roland King has been of enormous value in the large-scale renovation of our house (built around 1920). Creative design with an eye for practical use of the house. He was collaborative and critical in the management of the contractor; without him it would have cost us much more. He more than earns back his price. Also not unimportant, he is sociable and pleasant and always punctual in answering email. We can wholeheartedly recommend King Architects.

Arno Schans HR manager


Roland King offers his clients expert knowledge, good value and punctuality. Other strengths are his enthusiasm and commitment to the project and client. It is his quality to combine the generating ideas and solutions into designs with excellent listening abilities to the clients wishes.

May Ams Psycholoog
Concrete Developments


An efficient layout requires the maximum use of the usable space. King Architects can produce high quality and functional layouts for your building.

Finance Assistance


Transformation can be done with all sorts of buildings - old buildings can be turned into functional and practical apartments.

Interiorly Designed


Using modern methods furniture and cupboards can be subtly integrated into the layout, providing a spacious sculptural effect.

Cost Effective Solutions


Space for new build in the Netherlands is limited. Through the transformation of old buildings new spatial possibilities can be developed.

Smart Builders


It can be the best solution if you want to remain in the same neighbourhood. It is also far more sustainable than building new, and cheaper than buying a new house.

Quality Infrastructure

building management

Depending on your particular project you can choose for what type of building management is best. You can choose for a specific part, a combination or for the whole renovation.


Due to my background in various building diciplines I am able to assess the building limitations, and possibilities, from different perspectives.



Request a free Sketch Session/consultation

The first orientation/ brainstorming meeting with architect KING is always free of charge. During the interview I can visually show you, with the help of pen and paper, various renovation, construction and layout options. We can also arrive at an indication of the project costs.

Architect KING
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ImageFor some projects I am an architect, for others the project manager, but usually I am in both roles, and then for several projects at the same time. This unique position and has arisen from my ability to think conceptually and analytically while coordinating the project and solving practical problems.

Through my years of experience as a sports coach and guiding people, I have developed intuitive skills. I listen to people, have an eye for the nuances, and a feeling for what people mean and want.

My objective is to offer you clarity in advance and no surprises afterwards. After a free Sketch Session, I offer my services for a fixed price instead of an hourly rate. As a free-lancer with few overhead costs, I can offer attractive rates. Service is an important part of my business and I provide a fast and customer-oriented service.

I have a large network at my disposal, incuding sound consultants, fire consultants, constructors and contractors. I therefore assemble the right team for every project, which is essential for larger renovation projects because they are usually unique in nature. As a result, my overhead costs are much lower compared to other renovation or architectural firms.